Announcement of 2005 Meeting

Sharing the philosophy that small meetings promote better intellectual exchange and are less intimidating than large ones, Drs. Anna Maria Angioy (University of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy), Karl-Ernst Kaissling (Max Planck Institute, Seewiesen), and Bill Hansson (University of Lund, Sweden) founded the European Symposium of Insect Taste and Olfaction (ESITO) in 1988. As a result ESITO now meets every two years seen here, for 4-5 days, at a pleasing location in Europe. The meetings have become famous for their congenial atmosphere, in which issues germane to the science of insect taste and olfaction seen here are debated. Since the first meeting in 1989 at Villasimius, Sardinia, five meetings have been held, each one of them more than living up to the original intentions of the founders. Topics have so far included: chemical ecology; receptor structure this website and biophysics; molecular biology of receptors; genetics of taste, olfaction, and receptor determination; development of taste and olfactory systems; information coding; central processing; olfactory learning and memory; behavior; and the evolution of olfactory systems.

The Symposium is not a formal organization and there is no membership per se, nor are any annual dues paid. The only administrative contiguity that exists between the meetings is this site ESITO's organization committee (A.M. Angioy, B. S. Hansson, K.-E. Kaissling and N. J. Strausfeld), which is responsible for upholding the original intentions of ESITO. The biannual meetings, held alternately in Sardinia - Sweden - Sardinia websites - Germany are organized on site by the appropriate European members of the Committee with help from the other three members. The success of the Symposia depends on volunteers and the generous donations of international and local sponsors who see this type of meeting as unusually productive.

An important part of the Symposia is the pervading "ESITO-spirit." A friendly and collegial atmosphere suffuses the meetings. The symposia are unusual in that debate is held at a positive and encouraging level, not least because a good proportion of the attendees are younger members of the community. The Gemisch of lively science and the hospitality by the local hosts make the ESITO meetings special - and especially those in Sardinia unforgettable.


The 6th ESITO. Tutzing, Germany, 1999.

The 7th ESITO. Sardinia, Italy, 2001.

The 8th ESITO. Harstad, Norway, 2003.

The 9th ESITO. Sardinia, Italy, 2005.

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