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Welcome to ESITO IX - 2005 in Sardinia, Italy!

flyheadThe ninth ESITO will be held from September 24 to September 29 in Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy. Participants will arrive on Saturday 24, and the scientific program will start on Sunday 25 after breakfast. The meeting will continue throughout the week, with a break on Tuesday 27 for some sort of adventurous activity. The meeting will close on Thursday evening, September 29 and participants will depart the next day. Up-to-date information will be posted at this website.

flyheadAccommodation will be in the same hotel as our last meeting in Sardinia. For those of you who will be participating in a meeting of ESITO for the first time, the hotel is a comfortable but unpretentious beach resort which, in the opinion of most, is sufficiently suited to our needs. The address is:

Residence Hotel Cormoran - Località Campus - 09049 Villasimius (CA) - Italy Tel. : +39 070 79340 Fax: +39 070 798131

flyheadAs in the past, the organizers will try to avoid charging a registration fee. However, this depends on the level of financial support, and attendants may be asked to make a small contribution. In any case, in the knowledge that we shall soon meet again within the framework of ESITO suggests that the organizers should not be pessimistic about receiving requested support.

flyheadPlease print out and fill in the pre-registration form and send it to the Chair's e-mail address ("Anna Maria Angioy" amheart Considering the limited capacity of the conference room, the number of participants must, unfortunately, be limited. Please keep in mind that your name will remain on the list of participants and that you will receive further information only if I receive your pre-registration form within the DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 28, 2005.

The following topics for the meeting have been suggested by general consensus. These are:

• The molecular and genetic foundation of olfactory transduction.

• The molecular genetics of the development of olfactory systems.

• Organization of olfactory pathways in the brain and central nervous system.

• Central processing of olfactory signals, and their integration with other modalities.

• Neuromodulation and plasticity in chemosensory systems.

• Chemosensory interactions in insect pollination systems.

• Chemical communication amongst social insects.

• Applied aspects and robotics.

flyheadVery soon we shall outline the preliminary program, which we will be designed according to previous successful formats. Each topic will kick off with an invited lecture, followed by 2-3 short communications leaving ample time for discussion. Poster sessions will be arranged around topics, and poster presenters will have the opportunity of giving a 5-minute data-blitz PowerPoint-assisted talk summarizing their poster, with 3-5 minutes for a brief question-and-answers session. Presentations will be in the morning and late afternoon, leaving lunch and much of the afternoon for discussions or other more leisurely pursuits.

flyheadAs in past meetings, presenters of talks and posters will be asked to provide an abstract. These will be published on-line and a printed version of the proceeding abstracts will be prepared for the meeting.

The ESITO Chair and her Organizing Committee look forward to seeing you in Villasimius, the birthplace of ESITO.

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